Being Green believes in living sustain ably in a Green Society and for us the word Green manifests environment responsibility and resources efficiency for better tomorrow. We propose the term ACT GREEN for the better tomorrow, as we feel Go Green is a passe thing and in order to bring balance in our society, we now need to Act.

Our Mission is to live in the society we are proud of, and this can be achieved by each and everyone's little contribution to make our community, city and country more sustainable.


Our vision is to establish a Green society, by making people aware about the benefits of Green living on the environment which will result in the development of the nation. 

- We commit to expand our reach to help people. For this we wish to build partnership with organisation who shares belief with our mission to help locals. 

- To set up a school for underprivileged with focus on all-round development of children.

 - Keeping in line with the 17 SDG, we would like to contribute in every goal so that we could achieve the target.


For Being Green, the color Green means Tranquility & Comfort to All 

Green is a buzz word of the world today, everybody is using it in their industry be it in Real estate industry, Music bands, organic product industry etc.

For us, Green is not specific to tree greenery; Green is also related to Food, Shelter, Health, Religion, peace and development. That's why our NGO apart from plantation & environmental awareness activities, it is also involved in Education to poor's, Food & clothes distribution and society empowerment.

Our approach is people-friendly and our response is local-supportive. We work on the causes which are close to our heart and need attention in bringing the required change.


Being Green - Act Green for better tomorrow

Being Green is started with a thought, "Why not you". Instead of blaming the government and bureaucrat for creating the chaos around us, We believe as a human being, you are not complete unless you have touched other's live by your good deeds. Green is our vision, symbol, identity, an attribute with which we feel connected to the society.

We all have it within us to help other in need but sometimes we became skeptical about how we can contribute. Either we are not able to find courage to get up and bring the change or we feel that particular organisation is not trust worthy. The same dilemma pushed to open a volunteer based organisation, Being Green, where volunteers are encouraged to spend their free time into something meaningful. And always remember "Change starts with you" and no help is small.



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