Being Green believes in living sustain ably in a Green Society and for us the word Green manifests environmental responsibility and resource efficiency for better tomorrow. 

Our Mission is to live in the society we are proud of, and this can be achieved by each and everyone's little contribution to make our community, city, and country more sustainable.


Our vision is to establish a Green society, by making people aware about the benefits of Green living on the environment which will result in the development of the nation. 

- We commit to expand our reach to help people. For this we wish to build partnership with organization who shares belief with our mission to help locals. 

- To plant 1 lakhs trees by the year 2030


Being Green - Act Green for better tomorrow

Being Green is started with a thought, "Why not I". Instead of blaming the government and bureaucracy for creating the chaos around us, we believe as a responsible human being, it is our duty to payback the society by our good deeds. 

We all have it within us to help other in need but sometimes we became skeptical about how we can contribute. Either we are not able to find the courage to get up and bring the change or we feel that organization is not trustworthy. The same dilemma pushed us to open a volunteer-based organization, Being Green, where volunteers are encouraged to spend their free time into something meaningful. And always remember "Change starts with you" and no help is small in this big world

Our approach is people-friendly and our response is local-supportive. We work on the causes which are close to our heart and need attention in bringing the required change.


Time to do the right thing !

New trees braved their way in 2014 when we decided to go green. Our vision was very clear then, we had somebody to take care of – Our mother earth, our environment. With this aim and like-minded team we began our journey.

As we grew, we realized only plantation would not aid alone in this damage control act, it was time to Act Green. By acting green, we mean to educate ourselves, to build ourselves for a better future with goodness for others.

One such transformation led to the foundation of our LAKSHYA – Educating our left-out buds. There are vacuums created by the under-developed class who deprive their children from learning for earning, as money is of utmost importance to them. Providing free education to their children would kill this vacuum and this is how our LAKSHYA was formed.

Time has flown by and with it our vision has grown. Our branches grew into Food, Shelter, Health, Clothes, and development. Being green, began to alleviate these circumstances by distributing clothes and food to those who immensely need it.

Now we not just plant trees, we also plant bright and green future for our mother earth.


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