Being Green is a registered NGO under Delhi Society Registration Act XXI of 1860. We are also 12A & 80G certified organization with yearly financial statement and activity report management. The NGO is based in Kunwar Singh Nagar, Nangloi, Delhi and is active since 2014. Our work revolves around 3E; Environment, Education and Empowerment through community development, as our logo also indicates.

    Our statement is ACT Green for better tomorrow, and we believe in

    "If not we, who ?"

    "If not now, when ?"

    "Equality is a given."


    You must have noticed the term "Go Green" everywhere these days. It means different things to different people. Going Green generally refers to an individual action that a person can take through consumer habits, behaviors and lifestyle by using green products & services. All these services do play a relevant role in protecting the environment but just requesting for e-statements and switching off the lights for only an hour during earth hour would not do all the needful to save our nature.

    The truth is that the world has modernized to an extent that none of us could go back to the stone age now for saving the mother earth from further damage. We are habitual to use our vehicles, electricity, AC and other luxuries which we can’t abandon. Pollution as a bi-product of human luxuries is ubiquitous in today’s era. We have to move to more effective solutions.

    The simplest solution which Being Green aim at is to plant Trees and Act Green. The most fruitful action a person can take in his quest to conserve and flourish environment is to Act Green by planting just a Tree once in every year and embracing green lifestyle, thus contributing in the optimum way for the environment.